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At RatingSiteList.com we're not afraid to tell you about the competition. That's because we think we're better than they are! Go ahead, check out these other sites. Some are better than others. Some are hard to navigate and/or find what you are looking for. Some just don't consistently take you to rating sites. Judge for yourself.

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Pros: Features a variety of categories, with lots of sites listed. Cons: Missing many screencap images, navigation is difficult to figure out.

Pros: 100 sites listed. Banner links for many of the sites. Cons: Many of the links take you to sites unrelated to ratings.

(NOTE: Over 18 only.) Pros: Clean, easy to use. Cons: many links don't go to rating sites.

(NOTE: Over 18 only.) Pros: Easy to navigate; easy on the eyes. Explanations of what you must do at each site regarding logging in and posting. Not sures: Opens a sponsor window on first view and keeps a frame top while you are browsing sites. Cons: A lot of the sites on this list are not truly rating sites. Many cause obnoxious pop-up ads to appear.

Pros: A lot of actual rating sites listed here. Cons: Some of the listings are not rating sites.

Keep checking back, we add to these lists several times each week.

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